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Internet is a very essential thing in our life .It has made our earth a small village. That is why the number of internet user is increasing numerously day by day in Bangladesh . Many of the internet users are unaware of their online privacy . They even do not know that online security is being the main issue which about to be concerned.

For building awareness among the online users, Mozilla Bangladesh also celebrated International Data Privacy Day by organizing #MozillaBDPrivacy Week from 29th January, 2016 to 4th February, 2016 to aware the web users of Bangladesh , which is inspired by Mozilla India’s January Privacy Month Campaign. On that week, many universities (in Dhaka and outside of Dhaka) organized a small event to talk about online privacy.


On 3rd February , NSU Firefox Community organized a small privacy awareness event which is named “Privacy talk @ NSU”. We,10 FSA of NSU Firefox Community sat on the open space of 7th floor of our south academic building (SAC) .

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At first participants watched some videos on Privacy and International Privacy Day . Then they discussed with everyone what they had understand about Privacy from those videos.

Screenshot from 2016-03-03 22:34:47 Screenshot from 2016-03-03 22:35:04Screenshot from 2016-03-03 22:35:22  24429319209_8949ae82ba_z  24679111322_df97b8d9fc_z

Then Surith Bhowmck welcomed everyone and tell them what is Mozilla BD Privacy Week and what is the goal of this campaign .

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After that Sayed Ibn Masud started asking participants about there thought on online privacy . He also asked participants that “Are they concern about their online privacy ? ”

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Then Tanha Islam started talking about Lightbeam and other privacy and security Add-ons for Firefox.

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After her , I talked about Net Neutrality . I told them what is Net Neutrality and why we need it.

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At the end of the event I distributed some swags among the participants.They  were very much pleased. They had said that they will discuss about privacy with their friends and family.Then we take a group photo and a group selfie .

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Thanks for reading this blog post .

Event Hashtag : #mozillaBDprivacyweek  , #NSUFC

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